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The app is available on Thursday 23 March 2016 for Android devices in the GooglePlay store and Apple devices in the iOS store.  Please search for Walk1916 and/or Haunted Planet Studios or point your browser to

App tips

Walking at a comfortable pace, one can typically visit all app sites within two hours.  The furthest site to the east is Boland’s Mill, while the furthest site to the west is the Four Courts.  Google maps reports it would take approximately 33 minutes to walk between these sites.

The app is designed with no set order, so you can view as many sites as you like, in what ever order you choose.

To find a historic site and encounter with historical image, use the in app map and walk toward the blue bubble.  Once your device determines you are within the site location, the app will notify you to use the viewer and snap a photo.  This will reveal the original historic image as well as a short audio narrative about the site.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 8.56.19 AM


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